How To Improve Balance On Roller Skates
Try balancing on each leg outward
When you get comfortable, try going deeper into a squat - use your arms for support
Now try balancing with your leg out backwards at a 45 degree angle, use your arms for support and see how long you can hold it!
Now try balancing on the outer edge of your foot and pushing the other foot behind and across you - see how low you can get !
Modification - if that move is hard, try pushing the foot across and on the ground before lifting up slowly!
Next, try standing upright and kicking the foot out for a few seconds, remember to try on both legs!
Try heel toe scissoring - front foot goes on the two heel wheels, and back foot goes on the two toe wheels! Use a wall for support if needed
Now try a bigger heel toe scissoring!
Now try a heel toe manual! It's the same movement but going forward!
Try toe toe manuals! Both feet are on the front two wheels moving forward!
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