How To Improvise On Roller Skates For Beginners
Improvisation means that you're moving spontaneously, so you don't prepare a choreography or a dance sequence. (Music by ESTY)
In this video I'm going to show you an example of how to improvise as a beginner skater using only ONE move!
Pick a move you're comfortable with. It can be any move. I'm doing "the shuffle" as an example.
You can even do this tutorial while holding on to something. Just make sure that you're feeling safe and sure about your base move.
Now the improvisation part: put on some music and you're going to add "dimensions" to your base move.
Speed: try to do your base move at different speeds
Directions: try how you can (smoothly) switch direction
Repetition: repeat just a small part of the move
Small-big: experiment with how small or big you can make the movement
And now switch it up! Remember the dimensions you picked: speed, direction, height and small-big. You can also make up your own dimensions!
You can add dimensions to every move. It can give you some inspiration for your improvisation sessions and make skate practice more fun!
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