How To Layer Your Outfits To Stay Warm In Winter
Layer a long sleeved shirt under your sweaters to stay extra warm and cozy!
Put on a long wool coat over your outfit to keep warm from top to bottom.
Wear tights with skirts and dresses to cover your legs, and add some long wool socks for extra warmth.
One pair of pants sometimes isn't warm enough, so layer a pair of leggings underneath for really chilly temperatures.
Layer a turtleneck underneath open necklines for a stylish look that is still winter-friendly.
Wrap yourself in a huge scarf made out of thick material to stay cozy without feeling bulky.
Add lots of super warm accessories such as hats, scarves, knee-high boots or gloves.
Wear lots of layers for those super cold days so that you'll always stay super toasty!
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