How To Make a Black Concrete Table
Use angle grinder to cut plate steel, use 1st piece as a guide to cut other piece.
Cut 2 pieces of angle steel. Grind the ends so that they are the same length.
Weld together the angle sections throughout the whole structure.
Flip the base right side up & weld the outside seams. Add 4 pieces of steel flat bars to structure.
Cut plywood & place in steel structure. Add in steel mesh & coat plywood with minwax polycrilic.
Flip base over & screw in the plywood. Use silicone caulking to seal around edges of plywood & metal
Level the table before putting in Quikrete concrete mix in the structure.
Shovel in concrete into the mold.
Let concrete dry and grind the concrete flush to the steel.
Stain the concrete with some India ink with a foam brush. Let it sit for 5 min & add water to it.
Once ink has dried, use rag to apply paste wax on the concrete & steel. Let sit for 10 min.
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What you'll need
Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix
India Ink
Angle Grinder
Composite Deck Boards
Varathane Paste Wax
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