How To Make A Cork Toy Soldier
Let’s upcycle!!
Get your materials ready!
To start wrap a thin piece of ribbon around the cork’s “neck” this will be the soldier’s face
Paint the bottom half red
Now paint the top part black to make the toy soldier’s hat
Remove the ribbon and draw the toy soldier’s face
Use your gold marker to paint on the details of the soldier’s uniform. Give him rank!
This is what it looks like
Use a tie wrap and cut it in half
Fold the tie wrap in a “U” shape and glue its ends to the bottom of the cap with glue gun
Now you are done! You can easily make it into a tree ornament adding a hook and ribbon on the top
We like using it as a wine bottle tag for our wine gifts
What you'll need
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Wine Corks
Amsterdam MaRS Black Paint
Red Paint
Ribbon Scarp
Tie Wrap
Glue gun
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