How to make a DIY Geode Planter
SUPPLIES : Liquid Fusion glue, plant pot, glass stones, frosted crystals, small beads, acrylic paint, paint brush + pencil
Lightly place your main glass stones on the front of your pot and trace shape with a pencil.
Using a similar paint color to your stones, add paint within your pencil marks. This helps so you don’t see the pot through the glass stones.
Using Aleene’s Liquid Fusion glue start placing and gluing your stones and beads down.
Next, add a few layers of paint to your stone edges. I added a combination of tan, white and gold.
After the paint has dried, glue down your final frosted white crystals.
Add your planter’s wooden legs back on and enjoy your new geode pot!
What you'll need
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Liquid Fusion glue
Liquid Fusion glue
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