How To Make A Doodle Birthday Card
Ready to get crafty? Let me guide you through how to make these funky birthday cards!
This design is available as a DIY kit, with everything you need in this cute box
Here’s what you’ll discover in your kit!
Let’s start by finding all the pieces you need to make 1 card. The pencil and blender can be used to take your doodles to the next level!
Add your favourite doodles to the outer sections of the card.
Your kit contains a Doodle cheat sheet that has patterns for you to copy.
If you’d like more inspiration then take a look at my free Doodle With Della Course
Keep adding doodles until every section around the edge is filled.
Also add doodles to each section of the basket.
Add small doodles to the flower centres - 4 in a bunch and one of the singles.
Using a pair of small, sharp scissors cut out the basket, removing the handle.
Cut around the edge of the bunch of flowers and the single one.
The strips already have double sided tape attached so peel off the backing and add to the colourful square.
Repeat with the other 3 sides and letting the edges overhang.
Trim off the excess with some sharp scissors.
Glue this square to the card. Handy Tip- If all 4 corners of the square are on the diagonal pencil lines it will be perfectly central!
Stick the Happy Birthday greeting to the bottom left corner.
Curve the basket and add a foam pad to the back. Stick to the card, overlapping the greeting.
Add foam pads to the back of the flowers and arrange over the basket.
Your doodling cards are complete! Thanks for watching
What you'll need
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Doodle Card Making Kit
Doodle With Della Course
Doodle Card Making Kit
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