How To Make A G-tube Cover
A g-tube is a feeding tube. A cover can help reduce irritation & inflammation around & under a tube.
Materials: 8” x 4” piece of flannel, 4” x 4” piece of terry cloth, plastic snap, 3” circle template.
Cut two 3” flannel circles & one 3” terry cloth circle. Link to template available at the end.
Layer fabrics. Flannel must be right sides together. Terry cloth can be on bottom or top of stack.
Cut a 2” slit down the center of the circle.
Use 1/8” seam allowance to sew inside edges.
Make two little snips in the fabric near the curve so it lays flat once turned right sides out.
Turn flannel right sides out. Finger press seam to help flatten and smooth the layers.
Clip or pin outside edges then use 1/8” seam allowance to top stitch inside edges.
Zigzag stitch around outside edges to secure and finish.
Poke a hole through both ends for snap placement.
Install the plastic snap.
Now the g-tube cover is ready for use.
What you'll need
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G-tube Pattern (Free)
8” x 4”
Flannel Fabric
4” x 4”
Terry Cloth Fabric
Plastic Snap
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