How to Make a Hanukkah “Punch Box” Filled with Gifts
These punch boxes are like an advent calendar, but for the 8 nights of Hanukkah! Each night kids can “punch” through one section to reveal a gift.
Reuse a box that will fit all 8 gifts you’re including. Open the box and lay flat.
Cut a piece of cardboard. Long side = same width as the front of the box. Short side = same width as side of the box.
Cut three pieces that are just smaller than the side panel of the box.
Draw lines dividing the long cardboard into 4 even sections.
Draw lines to split each shorter piece in half.
Cut notches half way up the three lines you made. Keep the straighter side of the cardboard away from you.
Cut notches half way up each of the short pieces, this time cutting into the straighter side.
Fit your cardboard pieces together to make a grid and test that they fit inside your box. Trim if needed.
Divide the front of the box into 8 sections with at least a half inch border between each. Also add half inch margins on all 4 sides.
Carefully cut out each section with an X-acto knife. Make sure you have a cutting mat under the box!
Double check that your largest gift will fit through the windows you cut.
Use tape to cover each window with two layers of tissue paper.
Pull apart the grid we made earlier and set aside.
Generously add hot glue across the middle divider and attach the long cardboard piece, slits facing up. Add hot glue on both sides to secure.
Now do the same thing with each of the smaller cardboard pieces, slits facing down to recreate the grid.
Close the walls of the box using strong tape, like duck tape or gaffer tape.
Mark the bottom of your box to help with filling and decorating.
Tip: this box is for two kids. If you have gifts that are different for each child add a gift tag so there is no confusion (or arguing 😂).
Fill w/ small gifts like candy, stickers & mini journals. Remember you are viewing from the back, so the first night is the section in the top right.
Time to finish closing the box, again using strong tape.
Decorate the box however you’d like! Last year I used wrapping paper, this year I decided to try painting.
Don’t forget to add a number for each night. I glued on paper flags, you could also add number stickers right to the tissue paper.
Finally, add a card with instructions and a heartfelt Hanukkah message!
Each night of Hanukkah your favorite little ones will have a blast discovering their new surprise!
Cardboard Box
Extra Cardboard
Tissue Paper
Scotch Tape
Duck Tape Or Gaffer Tape
8 Gifts Or Treats
Hot Glue Gun W/ Glue Sticks
X-acto Knife
Cutting Mat
Paint, Paper, Markers, etc to Decorate the Box
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