How To Make A Reversible Table Runner
Buy 3-4 yards of two coordinating fabrics depending on desired length. My table is 8ft. long so I purchased 11 ft. (3.6 yards)
Determine desired length and width and add 1 inch to both. Cut. For example I wanted 15 in. wide so I cut it to 16 in. wide. Do the same with length.
If adding poms, cut to width of the fabric minus 1 inch. Place fabric strips right sides together and add poms, leaving 1/2 in. gap at both corners.
Pin fabric together. Make sure poms are facing in and that the raw edge of the poms is lined up with raw edge of fabric. No poms should be visible.
Sew short ends and 1 long end closed with 1/2 in. seam allowance. (Space from raw edge of fabric to sewn seam.)
On 4th side, (long edge) leave 4-6 in. gap. This will allow you to flip your runner right side out.
Before you flip runner right side out, clip corners as shown. Be careful not to clip in too far or you’ll clip your sewn seams.
Flip runner right side out through opening and iron. Press edges well.
Sew around entire runner with 3/8 in. seam allowance. Be sure to stop shy 3/8 in. at corners, pivot and continue sewing.
Do your best to keep fabric flat and together to prevent gathering and bunching since there is so much length to sew.
You’re done! Place on your table and add decor to create a beautiful centerpiece!
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