How To Make A Simple Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Materials: 30” piece hemp cord, two 90” pieces colored hemp cord, 8mm lava rock bead, 2 beads w/larger hole, 20” piece colored cord, painter’s tape.
Fold the two 90” pieces in half. Take the 4 open ends & line them up. Measure 5” from the ends & incorporate 30” cord. Tie a snug overhand knot.
Tape knotted end to a hard surface & find a comfy chair. It’s time to start a square knot-a-thon.
Here is a square knot refresher.
Keeping knotting until you have about a 3” length of knots.
Thread the bead onto the center cord. Then, take a quick measurement on your wrist to gauge sizing & bead placement.
Tape it back down & finish another ~2.5” of square knots.
Measure again & add extra knots if necessary before using an overhand knot to tie off the end.
Trim the ends so that they’re even.
Take two of the ends of the colored cord on each side & thread them through a bead. Tie a knot to secure the bead.
Trim the extra cord almost flush with the end knot.
Use the 20” length of cord to add an inch of square knots to bind the ends together & create an adjustable closure.
Trim the excess cord & secure the little tail to the side of the square knots with a dab of glue.
Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the bead, let it sink in for 30 minutes or so then wear and enjoy!
What you'll need
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8 MM Lava Rock Bead
90” Length Of Softer Hemp Cord In Color Of Choice
30” Of Stiff Hemp Cord
20” Length Of Softer Hemp Cord In Color Of Choice
Finishing Beads With Larger Diameter Hole
Tacky Glue
Painter’s Tape
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