How To Make A Sunflower Cake
What you'll need
Wilton Cakes Tip 352
Wilton Cakes Tip 18
(Small round tip)
Wilton Cakes Tip 4
Angled Spatulas
With a piece of parchment on a flower nail, pipe rows of petals with the tip vertical on the nail.
The more rows you make, the bigger the flower! Add a middle with a tip 18. Freeze for 15 minutes.
Pipe even rows of frosting on the cake. Spread with a spatula, then smooth with a bench scraper.
Pipe lines of frosting with a small round tip for the stems. Make a leaf border around the bottom.
Apply the frozen flowers with a dab of frosting by peopling them off the parchment.
Add leaves on the side of the stems with a tip 352.
Add a mound of frosting on the top and cover with more flowers! Fill in empty spaces with leaves.
All done! It’s so simple, and perfect for any celebration! Tag me @marttermadecakes if you try! πŸ’—πŸŒ»
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