How To Make A Virus Protection Kit
What you'll need
1/2 yard
100% Patterned Cotton Fabric
2 pieces
100% Solid Cotton Fabric - 11” X 9”
11” x 18”
Fusible Fleece
9” Zipper
Cut materials for front panel to size.
Cut materials for left, inside panel to size.
Cut materials for right, inside panel to size.
Complete front panel by fusing 11” x 18” fabric piece to fusible fleece.
Make left, inside panel: Finish left edge. Put wrong side onto solid fabric. Sew line down middle.
Using 1/4” seam allowance finish edges of wipes pouch. (These are the 2.5” & 3.25” pieces.)
Construct front piece of zipper pouch. Remember to top stitch once each piece is secured to zipper.
Place right panel pieces on solid fabric to prepare for sewing inside panels together.
Place panels right sides together. Clip & sew left edge to create single, combined panel.
Secure bottom edge of zipper pouch with straight stitch. Lay out pieces to prepare for sewing.
Place panels right sides together & clip. Use 1/4” seam allowance & leave 3” hole for turning.
Turn right sides out & top stitch around entire piece to finish.
Optional: Add a snap in middle of right edge.
Fill your kit & start using it!
Stop by for a detailed tutorial.
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