How to Make + Add Leather Tassels to a Pillow
SUPPLIES : Leather (or pleather), Sewing Scissors, Hot Glue, Yarn, Thread, Tapestry Needle, Pillow
Start by cutting your leather into long strips, about 4”x12”.
Next using a pencil, mark where the top of your tassel will stop. I marked at a 1/4”.
Using sewing scissors, slowly cut the leather into thin lines up to the pencil line you drew.
Cut a 4” piece of yarn and place so a small portion is above the leather (not shown). Then begin to hot glue and roll the tassel together.
The finished tassels will look like this.
Using a tapestry needle (for ease of sewing through canvas pillowcases) begin to sew on your tassel.
The completed pillow tassel!
Add to your space and enjoy!
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