How To Make Amazake (Japanese Fermented Rice Drink)
Ingredients: 200g Rice Koji and 400ml Water
You will need: A yogurt Maker for fermentation, a small pot for boiling water, and a thermometer for checking the temperature of water.
Separate rice koji: Massage it to separate rice grains before opening the package.
Boil water: Pour 400ml water into a small pot, heat it to 63C-65C (145F-149F) by using a thermometer.
Mix water and rice koji: Put rice koji in a yogurt maker container. Pour water into it and mix well.
Start fermentation: Set your yogurt maker at 60C (140F) for 6 hours, put the container in it, and start fermentation.
Check the taste: After 6 hours, check the taste. If it tastes sweet, then your amazake is done.
Transfer in a bottle: Blend it in a blender and transfer in a bottle or transfer in a bottle as it is.
Storage: Keep the bottle in the fridge (will last 7 days) or put it in an ice cube tray and store it in the freezer (will last one month).
Enjoy Amazake mixing with your favorite milk.
Or a great idea to blend it with your favorite fruit and make a smoothie. I hope you enjoy it!!
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