How To Make An Interactive Card
I am a veteran crafter, I love Resin, UV Resin, Cricut and all things glitter!
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Hello! Let's make toast!
1. Using these items we are making a cute toast card good for any occasion!!
2. I chose to glue the paper to the cardstock because it's prettier printed.
3. Using other card I mark for a slot and cut it. I forgot to do that on my Cricut.
4. Fold the tabs so that it slides into slot, glue toast on
5. Making a tab holder so it doesn't tear when it is activated.
6. Lift your toast to the top, place the toaster on the counter making sure all tabs clear.
7. Glue the back, remember to not cover the moving area! Add the tab to pull, be sure to notch it!
8. After gluing the tab add embellishments!
Thank you for watching!