How to Make Chocolate Rugelach
The dough uses cream cheese, butter and sour cream and the filling's secret ingredient is apricot jam!
Start by mixing the butter and cream cheese together in your stand mixer
Incorporate the sour cream and sugar into the butter/cream cheese mixture
Gently add in the flour on low speed until barely mixed in
Remove to parchment, form into a mass and separate into equal portions.
Prepare your filling mixture
Roll dough out to 10 inches diameter on cold floured surface. Use flour and turn often.
Spread the apricot jam and add the filling, lightly pressing it down.
Now use your pizza cutter to divide the round into 12 pieces.
Now gently yet firmly roll each slice up. Form into a crescent shape and place seam side down onto baking sheet.
Now brush some apricot jam on each pastry and then refrigerate the tray before you bake it!
Pro tip: clear your work surface of debris between each roll out!
Bake two trays at a time, swapping shelves halfway thru bake time. 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes
Once out of oven, move to a cooling rack. These just get better as they cool - even tastier the next day.
Make a double batch - they freeze well (if there are any left to freeze 🀣)
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