How To Make Drop Cloth Curtains
Remove drop cloths from packaging, wash warm with detergent and dry on low. (Ironing optional)
Hang a curtain rod and include 7 curtain clips per panel (you can add more if you want).
Measure height from floor to curtain clips. Add a couple extra inches if you want the curtains to pool at the ends.
Measure the length of the panel (sometimes they shrink!) and use your earlier measurement to fold over enough to fit your window (I did 12" here).
Iron or pin the fold (optional) to keep it in place while you hang the panels.
Hang curtain panels, starting with the outside clips, then the middle. Clip the remaining sections evenly. I just eyeball it.
You can also fold the excess behind the curtain for a different look.
Or, re-hem the curtains for a shorter window.
These curtains were made using bleached 100% cotton drop cloths.
The finished curtains.
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