How To Make Easy Paper Origami Rings (Big Or Regular:))
What you'll need
Origami Paper 5cmx10cm
Pencil (Optional)
Tape (Optional)
Scissor (Optional)
Today I’ll show you how to make big, small paper origami rings!
This tutorial is easy, but sometimes it’s hard like when I tried to make my first ring, but I gave up until I finally figured out how to do it: video!
Select which color you want for your origami ring! (I chose light green)
Since my origami paper is not 5x10cm, I will need to cut it. If your paper is already 5x10cm, you can skip this step
Now, I’ll cut the paper!
Let’s begin our folding now! First, fold your paper in half, then unfold. Also crease!
Fold the paper ends to center crease.
Then, fold in half.
Bring the corners in the end, fold and crease, then unfold again.
Tuck in the corners of the fold, then you’ll have something that looks like an arrow.
Fold the upper flap down, and the lower flap up, repeat with the other side.
Then, here comes the SURPRISE! Turn the flaps and you get a.......
Now you can use the pencil to shape up the top, AND to roll the flaps to make it easier to fold in, or you can do the whole thing by hand.
Now that you have the ring, you can now connect the ends so you can wear it!
If you want to make the LARGE ring, repeat the same folding process, but with the regular size of the paper without cutting it.
Thanks! Hope you had fun making the ring!
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