How To Make Halloween Monster Cupcake Toppers
We made these easy Halloween Spooky monster cupcake toppers with a chocolate pen.
If you do t have one, use a pipping bag
Layout parchment paper and pipe chocolate in different directions over it-make a cluster of Lines.
You can make different color lines melting and pipping candy melts
Next add the edible monster eyes
You will end up with something like this. Now place in freezer for 5 minutes minimum. More is better
Bring out of freezer
Remove from parchment paper
And place on your cupcake
Now you have fun to make spooky Halloween Monster cupcakes to share!
More tips to make these cupcake toppers & more spooky recipes & crafts visit
What you'll need
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Edible Googly Eyes
Candy Melts
Chocolate Pen
3 Cookie Sheets Lined With Parchment Paper
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
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