How To Make Master Pizza Dough
Add flour, salt, yeast, water, and olive oil to a mixing bowl. (Flour: all-purpose, or bread flour, or my favorite is “00” flour)
Mix on low until dough comes together & is silky. About 5 min. It will be wet & sticky. You can mix this by hand, as well. Get it to a silky texture.
Pour a little olive oil on the counter. Yep! Olive oil - not flour. Do the 1st “stretch & fold”. Pull each side up & fold over. Do all 4 sides.
Let rest 5 minutes and do a 2nd set. Showing you more slowly. The dough is stretchy, sticky, but cohesive. Let rest again for 5 min.
Do a 3rd set. So elastic & silky. Holding its shape better. Let rest 5 min.
Last set. Getting bubbles. Look how much structure. It’s gorgeous. Place in oiled bowl, cover, refrigerate 24 hrs.
Next day: Lightly flour counter, divide dough & make your style of pizza. Recipe makes 2-3 medium pies (about 1 kilo).
Lightly work the dough into your shape. If it bounces back let it rest a few min & stretch again.
Idea! Alfredo sauce, cheese, red onion, artichokes, Pesto Herb Oil, salt & pepper. Then bake!
You can also pan this dough, let it rise, then top it for Detroit Style. Or New York, Sicilian, Chicago, Roman, even Focaccia.
Dough recipe credit Peter Reinhart’s Perfectly Pan Pizza
4 1/2 cups (567 g)
1 3/4 tsp (11 g)
1 1/4 tsp (4 g)
Active Dry Yeast
2 cups (454 g)
Water (cool)
3 Tbs (42 g)
Olive Oil - divided
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