How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
Q: What is affiliate marketing? A: Brand collabs where you earn commissions on product sales.
Find the right brands: high value items, and/or things you wear or use often to promote naturally.
Apply for affiliate programs - some brands have them directly on their websites. Or Rewardstyle.
If a brand offers you a gifted collab, negotiate an affiliate code/link to earn a little $$
Create content that naturally incorporates the brand. Include your code in posts or link in bio.
If you have over 10k followers on IG, use swipe ups to directly link products whenever you wear/use.
Create LONG FORM CONTENT like blog posts & YouTube videos where your links can live forever.
YouTube functions like a search engine, people often search for discount codes in product reviews.
What to avoid: low value items/low average order size. Ex. 10% of $20 is not worth your time.
Use your results from these partnerships to prove your worth for future paid collabs with the brand.
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