How to Make Your Own DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand
You will need: Two 11 inch diameter plastic plates; 2 small Cupcake stands; or hobnail jar; small rabbit; and E6800 Industrial Adhesive.
Wash and dry all of your plates, candle sticks, jars, and decorative figures (rabbit). You want to make sure all dust and any price tags are removed.
I turned the Hobnail jar upside down. It’s your preference on the end to adhere the glue to the plate.
Add a generous amount of E6800 Industrial Adhesive Glue to the top edge of the item you will be using as your base.
Place you base centered on the bottom of your plate.
You can leave it like this if you want a cake stand.
Add the industrial glue around the edge and across the center of the small cupcake stand.
Now you need to place the glue side down of the cupcake stand in the center of your plate.
Add the adhesive glue around the edges of the cupcake stand and a small amount to the center.
You are going to add the next plate on top. Press down lightly to adhere but not to squish all the glue out.
Add the industrial adhesive glue around the edge of the ceramic rabbit.
Place the rabbit on the center of the top plate on your tiered stand.
The finished DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand.
Here’s another one made with an 8” and 9” diameter plates and two glass candle holders.
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