How To Make Zipper Pocket
Supplies & Tools for making zipper pocket
1. Find the mid-point at the top edge
2. Align 2 mid-piont 1 1/2" away from raw edge.
3. Measure down 1". Draw a box of 8 x 1/2"
4. Mark mid-point and draw a center line with space of 3/8" (1 cm). Draw V shape to connect corners and center line.
5. Pin 2 layers together and sew on the box outline.
6. Cut through 2 layers of fabric along drawn line. Make sure not to cut the stitch at the corners.
7. Insert the pocket panel through the opening box.
8. Press for nice and flat seam. Measure and cut the zipper longer than the box.
9. Align mid-point of the box and the zipper. Pin to secure zipper to the panel.
10. Topstitch along the box line.
11. Oop! Mistake happen. It's okay. We can correct it. Just sew again.
12. Fold up to align raw edges of pocket panel. Pin around.
13. Sew all 3 sides to close all the opening.
14. Voila! Zipper Pocket is done. πŸ‘πŸ‘ It can be used inside or outside of the bag.
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