How To Network On LinkedIn Without Sleazy Sales Tactics
I hate sleazy sales tactics! The problem is people don’t know the right way connect with each other via networking platforms,specifically LinkedIn.
I’ve noticed so many people trying to make connections on LinkedIn with these canned statements about why they want to connect.
LinkedIn is a connection and networking platform. You should be reaching out to people in a way that’s not sleazy but is instead genuine and authentic
If you learn how to use LinkedIn to connect and network, you’ll be golden. Here’s how >>
Find an interesting person you want to connect with via comments, posts, articles, or something that they say.
Type an insightful comment on their post or article.
Connect with them and type a personalized message on why you want to connect with them.
Start a normal conversation that is genuine and authentic.
No more sleazy sales tactics! Be consistent with the 4 step process I outlined and you will start to make strong connections
While you’re at it, I’d love for you to connect with me:
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