How To Pack Professional Attire In A Carry-on
Here's how to keep your suits and dresses crisp in a carry-on !
For dresses, lay the garment flat. Fold once vertically and horizontally. Roll from the fold.
Store garment with loose ends facing down.
For thinner fabrics, stack them together & follow the same steps. It will help reduce creases.
Jackets: Lay garment flat and the turn sleeves and shoulder pads inside out.
Arrange sleeves so that they are flat on the inside. Make sure the shoulder pads are touching.
Fold jacket vertcally. Then fold into thirds and store. Pants should be folded in thirds and stored.
TIP: The best fabrics for summer travel are cotton (seersucker is great), spandex, denim, and linen.
TIP: The best fabrics for winter travel are wool, cashmere, rayon, polyester, knit, and fleece.
After unpacking, your professional attire will be ready for that power meeting or business lunch!
TIP: Skip ironing! Steam the bathroom and let garment hang for 20 minutes to release wrinkles.
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