How To Perfectly Knot Your Oversized Tee
Knotting oversized tees are a fun way to style them with other pieces, without just tucking them in!
This is my go-to knot! It looks super cute with high waisted bike shorts, leggings, skirts, denim... pretty much anything!
I like to use the side knot if there is a pattern on my tee that I don’t want to interrupt, and to draw attention to my waist!
Loose Front Knot
This is very similar to the front knot, but as it’s loser, it doesn’t define your waist as much! I usually use this when on hikes or outdoors
This is named for the way it transforms a big tee into a crop top! I like wearing this with high waisted skirts or over a dress
Pouch Tuck Knot
If you’re looking for a way to tuck in an oversized tee, I suggest using this method! Way less material to “tuck” and it generally lays better
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