How To Photograph A Still Life
What you'll need
Large Sheet Of White Paper Or A White Sheet
Odd number of object
Objects To Photograph For Still Life
Your Chromebook Or Phone
Find a location with good natural lighting (near a window)
Using tape,attach white paper to the wall or so that it stands up a little. I paper clipped it.
Use tape and/or paper clips to get items to stay where you want them!
Using your phone/chromebook and rules of good composition, take an interesting close up of your item
Move your objects around, take more close-up shots ( you want to take several so you have options!)
Use a flashlight or a phone and a friend to create cast shadows - these give the final sketch POP!
Open the photo, select EDIT. Select three circles at the bottom which applies filters - use NOIR.
Next, click the adjustment option ( looks like a clock)... this tool lets you fine tune dark/light.
Adjust each - you want good contrast and clarity! You should have white/black & all in between!
That’s it! Now you have a high contrast, black/white photo to reference when shading!
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