How To Propagate A Moonstone Succulent
Moonstone succulents are known botanically as: pachphytum viburnum and originate from Mexico!
To propagate, pull or twist off the fleshy, round leaves. They come off very easily!
You can also cut off the top of your succulent if it is stretched out and propagate the top. Check out my other jumprope to fix etoliated succulents.
To propagate in water, place only the bottom tips of the leaves in water. If the whole leaf falls in, it could begin to rot.
You can also propagate in soil, and simply lay the leaf on its side. Make sure soil is consistently damp.
Keep watering the bottom part of the succulent, it will also start growing new leaves on its stem.
Place your leaves in an area that gets bright, full sun for most of the day (beside the parent plant).
For both ways, roots should emerge within a few days or a week. Some older leaves might not grow roots. Wait another week just in case.
Once the roots emerge, plant the tiny leaf in soil. Make sure you water the soil as soon as it dries out to keep it damp until the roots grow bigger.
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