How To Propagate A Snake Plant
Check out my Snake Plant Care video if you have just bought one!
You can propagate a snake plant from a healthy leaf or one that has been damaged from sunburn, root rot or one that has become twisted.
There are two ways to propagate snake plants, either in water or in soil. Water is a bit riskier, but I will show you both!
First, you snip off the plant right below the base. If the plant has rot, snip above.
Let the cuttings dry out for a few days so the cut ends scab over.
Put the bottom of the cutting in water and wait till roots grow.
Water propagation is riskier because there is an increased chance of rot in the cutting. If you just keep the bottom in water, it should be ok.
For soil propagation, you can make smaller 2" cuttings from your larger cutting.
Keep the cuttings in the same direction it was growing in when you place them in the soil.
Keep the soil moist and monitor the cuttings until you see new growth! They are slow and it could take up to 2 months.
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