How To Propagate An Opuntia Cactus
Opuntia cacti are also known as winter hardy cacti! These cacti are tolerant of 0°F (-17°C).
To propagate, break/twist off a plate like section of the stem. These are not leaves, just a modified part of the stem!
Leave the sections on a sunny window for about 2 days. They need to scab over and heal before being propagated.
After 2 days, place the bottom of the stem (the part you separated) into water.
Place in a location that gets full sun. You will have to monitor the water level every few days so it doesn't dry out.
In 1 to 2 weeks you should see white roots growing! Wait and let them grow to a couple inches long.
Once the roots are long enough, plant in a terracotta pot or a pot with a drainage hole and use cactus soil.
Place your new cactus in full sun . Make sure you water it as soon as the soil dries out for the first 2 weeks to help the new roots keep on growing.
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