How To Propagate Spider Plants
Everything starts with a single spider plant.
Around February/March my plant started to bloom some flowers.
Once the flowers fall, some small leaves start to grow in its place.
After a week or so, you'll start to see these small bumps under the leaves.
Then you can cut that baby plant with some garden shears or a knife.
Put your cut plant in a container with enough water to cover the little bumps.
As you can see, you don't need much water. I recommend to change the water every week.
This is how the roots look about a week later. Your plant will do well next to a window with indirect light.
About a month after you cut this baby plant, it is ready to transfer to a pot with soil. Or you can leave it in water.
This is how the plant looks after 3 months in a pot. The big plant is the "mom" plant.
Plants do well indoors and outdoors. Water once a week or depending on weather. They do not tolerate cold temperatures.
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