How To Propagate String Of Hearts Plant
String of Hearts are also called Chain of Hearts or Ceropegia Woodiia, a plant which is native to South Africa.
They grow long strands very quickly, but an easy way to make the plant fuller is to propagate it!
You will propagate it by first finding the nodes. Nodes are the tiny, white bumps underneath each leaf.
Next, snip off strands that have at least 3 sets of nodes and leaves on them. Any less and the plant might not be able to root.
You need to remove the bottom leaf so it won't rot. Then you will place the bottom nodes in water.
Carefully place the cuttings in water. The bottom node should be submerged in water. If part of a leaf is in, this is ok just monitor how it is doing.
In 1 to 2 weeks the nodes will begin to develop tiny roots, and you might even notice the cutting beginning to grow!
Once roots get an inch or longer, you can plant them in soil. The roots all grow at different rates. This strand was the only one ready to plant.
Use something long and thin to make a perfect hole for the cutting. Be sure to pack the surrounding soil down to secure the growing roots.
Water the soil and make sure it stays packed around the cutting. Dont let soil dry out, keep it damp bit not overly wet so roots can flourish!
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