How To Remove CND SHELLAC Gel Polish
Apply CND Offly Fast to the cotton pad part of a CND foil remover wrap.
Wrap tightly around the nail & finger. Fold the end back over the nail to retain heat.
Repeat on all nails. If removing on yourself, do one hand at a time.
Set timer. 5 mins for XPRESS5/8 mins for Original & Matte/15 Mins for Duraforce (10 mins for 2x X5)
Rub & twist to remove wrap. Most product will have flaked off. Use CND Scrubfresh to remove residue.
Use a wipe & CND Offly Fast to gently scrub away remaining CND SHELLAC. Any stubborn bits? Rewrap!
Voilá! CND SHELLAC removed with zero damage to the natural nails (pre cuticle oil & nail prep).
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