Let’s resize a shag rug!
Gather your supplies. You’ll need a measuring tape, straight edge, razor blade, sharpie, hot glue, glue gun and carpet binding.
Decide how much you need to cut off. Use a measuring tape and make a few dots down the length you are cutting at to show where you want to cut.
Using your straight edge, line up the dots that you’ve marked out. Connect the dots and mark one big line. This is where you’ll be cutting.
We are taking off 33 1/2 inches. Next, put a piece of wood inside so you have something you can cut on. Don’t cut on the rug itself or the floor.
It’s cut! If you slowly peel up the piece you cut, you’ll minimize the shag pieces that you lose. I pulled a tad too hard in the middle.
Here’s the binding. Pull the tape off and put it right up to the edge of the cut side of the rug and press down.
Now, put a bead of hot glue on the binding and press the rug to it.
Here’s the cut rug!
The easiest project. I think the shag rug was perfect for this DIY.
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