How To Revamp Your Old Braids To A Whole New Look!
Braids looking old and dusty?! Don’t worry I’m here to help, don’t take out your braids, instead give them a wash and cut them to your desired length.
Use any edge control to gather all the loose bits of hair at the root of your braid.
Take a small tooth comb and comb that edge control in.
You need some crotchet hair, I used the Model Model hair in style Deep Twist Bulk. One strand will do just make sure to separate it out.
Now here’s the tricky want to feed the crotchet hair into your braid but make sure that it’s equal on both sides.
Once you’ve done that you can start wrapping the hair around your braid. Wrap tightly around the base so it gathers all the new growth you have.
To get the butterfly/soft locs effect wrap the hair loosely in some parts. I use my finger as a guide to see how loose I want it.
For the ends I fold the end of my braid up and wrap tightly to secure. Make sure that it’s tight to avoid it loosening over time.
To make it look extra distressed I take half a piece of the hair and wrap it around the middle of the loc.
Keep wrapping till the hair is finished and you will have yourself a successful soft loc.
How did I do? I think I revamped my hair perfectly. Let me know if you try it out! I’d love to see.
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