How To Sew Felt Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cat Toys
How cute are these?! Let’s learn to make them...
Trace a circle on red felt.
Divide the circle so one piece is a little larger than half. Cut out the larger piece.
Cut out the same shape from brown felt.
Cut the edge of the brown felt to be wavy, like melted chocolate.
Whip stitch the brown felt to the red then tie off with a double knot in the back. Straight edges of the felt should line up.
Carefully cut the red felt from under the brown felt, about 1/4” from your stitching.
Add small white or pale yellow stitches as strawberry seeds. I’m using 3 strands from 6 strand embroidery floss.
Tie off in the back and trim extra.
Whip stitch the straight edges together, forming a cone. Knot then trim the end.
Leaving a 2” tail at the beginning, use a loose running stitch around the top of the cone.
Use a paper funnel to fill your strawberry with catnip. Cover the top with a scrap piece of felt or plastic bag.
Pull both ends of the running stitch tight and tie with a triple surgeons knot, then a couple regular overhand knots.
Cut a strawberry top from green felt. The middle of the leaves needs to be big enough to cover the hole on top of your strawberry.
Attach the leaves using small backstitches. Stitch around the circle twice then tie off under the leaves and trim the extra.
Optional: add puff paint as chocolate drizzle! Let dry completely.
Keep catnip toys in a Ziploc to stay fresh when cats aren’t using them.
Play time! Remember, swallowing small strings can be dangerous for cats. Always monitor play time and pick up toys when not in use.
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