How To Snowmobile In West Yellowstone, Montana
First, you’ll need to figure out if you just want to rent snowmobiles or book a tour with a guide.
I’d recommend booking a tour if you’re a beginner. If you’re more confident, renting gives you more freedom to choose your trails!
If you choose to book a tour, Backcountry Adventures, Yellowstone Vacations, See Yellowstone, and Yellowstone Adventures all offer tours.
If you want to rent, Backcountry Adventures, Yellowstone Vacations, Yellowstone Adventures, and Highmark Rentals offer rentals.
If you’re renting before Dec 15, you can also rent from Big Boy Toys in Bozeman. Others won’t rent until Dec 15, but BBT gives a trailer to tow them
Next, you’ll want to choose your trail. This photo is at the top of Two Top Mountain - the trail I recommend!
There’s also Horse Butte Loop, Lion Head Trail, Big Sky Trail, and others in the area.
My best tip for snowmobiling in the mountains - don’t be afraid to ask for help when you get stuck and help others if they are.
On that same note, call ahead to see what the rental place includes with their snowmobile rentals. You’ll want at least a safety kit with a shovel
I also recommend wearing the warmest gear you own. I’d bring a face covering, gloves, and two pairs of socks because the wind gets cold
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