How To Spend A Day In Milwaukee
Go to the Milwaukee Art Museum
This multi-building complex celebrates the diverse cultural heritage of the city, and houses over 25,000 pieces of art in its collection.
The wings of the famous Quadracci Pavilion open each day and provide a spectacular piece of public art visible for miles
Stroll through the Milwaukee Public Market
Modeled on the Pike Place Market in Seattle, this market opened its door in 2005 in Milwaukee’s rejuvenated Historic Third Ward. 
Among the vendors are a wide range of fresh and prepared food shops, restaurants and shops selling locally made goods.
Explore the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory
Known by locals as “The Domes,” these unique structures dominate the skyline of Milwaukee’s South Side.
Each of the three domes are modeled after a different climate zone, and offer tropical, arid and seasonal exhibits for viewers.
Visit the River Walk District
This revitalized pathway along the Milwaukee River offers stunning views and access to the Third Ward, Downtown and Brady Street.
Also, numerous waterfront restaurants and attractions will keep you occupied for hours. Look out for the bronze artwork as well along the path!
Milwaukee’s cinema scene has been able to resist big theater chains for decades due to a strong network of local cinemas.
These unique theaters, like the Downer, Times, Rosebud, and Fox Bay, offer independent and first-run movies in ornate spaces.
Most famous among these is the Oriental Theatre, with its unique East Indian motifs and long running Rocky Horror showings on Saturdays (Since 1978!).
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