How To Stitch Your Rainbow Sequin Kit
First take the printed rainbow and pour out some of the red sequins.
Cut a piece of the red thread, not too long
This is how I tie a knot in my thread.
Push the needle up 5mm from the edge on the 1st black line. Put a sequin on the needle and stitch.
Continue placing your sequins and stitching down following the line until you get to the end.
On the last sequin, bring your needle up close to the edge and make a stitch
Turn it to the back. Run your needle through some stitches on the back and tie a knot
Continue going through the colours
Now take your white thread and cut and tie a knot
Sandwich the two pieces of felt together. Bring your needle up through the back of the sequin one.
This is what I mean
Pull the thread through until your knot is in the middle of the two pieces
Take your needle to the back of both pieces. Bring it through the same place as the 1st.
It should look like this. Make another stitch about 5mm away going through the back of the 2 pieces.
Before pulling the thread all the way through pass your needle through the loop.
This is blanket stitch, continue until you get to the centre.
When you get to the centre of the rainbow tak your hanging loop and put it between the felt.
Continue blanket stitching making sure you stitch through the cord.
This is how you finish it off. On the final stitch twist the loop and pull through to make a knot
Pull your needle through some of the stitches and pull through the the back piece of felt and snip
What you'll need
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Rainbow Sequin Ornament Kit
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