How To Style A Coffee Table
Coffee table styling: let’s mix function and form!
Think about scale first!
Gather your decor items for consideration. Keep in mind the function of the space.
This would be amazing on the table but you wouldn’t be able to see the tv so it’s a no.
Start with your grounding piece (example: chess board) and play with decor around your main piece.
Move around items, play with different groupings and then step back and evaluate.
The scale is off. It feels busy.
I like the books and plant but the trays feel busy.
Take things away and rework.
Look number two. It’s too busy still. Bowls are great because they can hold remotes though!
Third times a charm?! Maybe!
Take away the pieces that you don’t feel connected to or aren’t needed.
Loving the huge bowl, pilea, books, candle and game.
Don’t forget to add in personality.
Sit back and admire your beautiful and functional coffee table!
I hope you enjoyed the coffee table styling! Hope it inspires you to get creative with yours!
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