How To Style Your Basic Shirts πŸ‘š
Basic white tank? Pair with trousers and an oversized blazer. Quick and chic ✨
If you have a shirt with text on it, try pairing it with some patterned trousers. Make sure the colours complement one another!
Nude shirts always pair well with dark, nude bottoms. Try wearing a pair of pants that are similar to the tone of your top, but darker!
Does your shirt have cutouts? Match them by pairing it with bottoms that also have cutouts. This top goes so well with these distressed jeans πŸ‘–
If your shirt has graphics on it, pair it with some solid-coloured denim jeans ✨
Contrast the top and bottom of your outfit by wearing a tight top with loose or oversized bottoms ⏳
A basic, bright coloured top pairs so well with white bottoms. The contrast looks great and this outfit is so versatile!
If your shirt has multiple colours on it, find a colour you want to highlight and match the bottoms to it. Tuck in the shirt for some dimension πŸ˜‰
If your shirt has words on it, you can also try pairing it with solid colour pants ⚫️
Embroidered tops pair so well with blue jeans. I love how the bottom of these pants are distressed, too! πŸ¦‹
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