How To Take Great Food Photos On Your Phone
Don’t let your guests’ food go cold. Have a separate photo shoot - don’t try and take the perfect shot with people waiting to eat
Get inspiration from other food photographers - use Pinterest and Instagram to save your ideas
Choose an attractive backdrop and surface. See what you have at home - hessian, tablecloths, old wooden tables or buy backdrops from Amazon or Etsy
Use natural lighting from a window and avoid overhead lighting. Take photos in front of different windows in your house to find the best spot
Consider using the rule of thirds or creating a symmetrical composition to create an aesthetically pleasing photo
Use props such as cutlery, napkins and spilt food to add interest
Think about the angle you take the photo from. Overhead may be better for a flat dish but side on for tall food like a stack of pancakes
Take lots of photos from different angles in both portrait and landscape mode
Use a free editing app like Snapseed, Lightroom or VSCO to edit your photos.
Download my free guide to food photography for B&B owners for my hints and tips
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