How To: Tattoo Tumbler
Let me show you how to make one of my favorite tumblers.. the tattoo tumbler!
Spray paint your tumbler. I use Rustoleum 2x in French Lilac for this project.
I used the Track It Method to skip a few steps and be able to put the tattoo on raw glitter.
Remember with temporary tattoos to remove and peel away the plastic layer before applying.
Lay the sticky side down. Use warm water and a paper towel to wet the paper. This will transfer your tattoo onto your surface.
Use pressure to apply, and wet entire tattoo backing.
Slowly peel the backing away, and tap down any places that try to lift or bubble. Spray with a clear coat.
Use a dry paper towel to complete your transfer. You are now ready for epoxy!
Tag me on Instagram @HolliMostella with all your temporary tattoo projects!
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