How to Use Mixed Lettering on a Fishing Quote
Gather your supplies
Choose a fishing quote, and think about letter styles. I like to mix block lettering with script styles for quotes. Try some ideas for block letters.
Here are more ideas for gone. I like the bottom one. I'll use the quote, "Gone fishing. Be back ... ?" because I want one with a vacation feel.
Sketch it in pencil before tracing over it with a calligraphy pen.
Think about what word(s) might look best as script and where you can add a few illustrations to the lettering, like fishing rods on fishing.
Go ahead and add a few extra illustrations just for fun.
The rest of the quote is straightforward and simple. A print style works well here.
Let it dry completely and erase any pencil lines.
Now, it needs some color to help it feel like a day on the lake. Paint the sky first, a beautiful day with a few clouds.
Next, paint the lake water greenish blue. I mixed my own dark green and tapped a hint of blue in while it was still wet.
Let the first layer dry completely. Notice how the blue in the water blended with the green as it dried.
Paint the block letters to help them stand out. If you get some paint outside the lines, use a dry paper towel to lift it off the page.
The jumping fish needs a touch of color too. Use the lazy stippling technique to give it a mottled look.
Add a touch of white to make the splash stand out a little more.
And you're finished! What a great gift for your favorite fishing day partner ... a reminder that it's time to go out on the lake again.
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