How To Use The Instant Pot Sous Vide Function
Fill the insert pot to the halfway mark with water. Press Sous vide button.
Set the temperature using the knob or the +/- buttons, depending on the model of Instant Pot you own.
Set the cooking time in the same fashion, using either the knob or +/- buttons, depending on your model.
It will take some time for the water to heat up. I recommend double-checking the temperature with a thermometer to be sure it is accurate.
Add the food to a high-quality freezer bag. Leave one inch unzipped. Lower into water, allowing the water pressure to force air out of the bag.
Zip the bag completely. The bag should be tight against the food, with no air around the food.
Use tongs to lower bag into the hot water bath. Close lid and allow cook time to pass.
After checking internal temperature for doneness, remove from water and discard bag.
For meat, you can “reverse sear” to brown the outside. I use a cast iron pan for this, but you could also use your Instant Pot on Sauté.
Serve as desired! Visit Margin Making Mom for the full tutorial and more Instant Pot resources.
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