How To Visit Teotihuacan From Mexico City
Teotihuacan is an ancient city that is known for it's well preserved Mesoamerican pyramids.
To visit you'll need to decide first how you'll get there: by a tour, or independently.
There's tons of tours to pick from, or you can take the local bus. The trip takes 1 hour.
Go early in the morning - before 9am . This way you avoid midday heat, and the crowds.
Bring snacks, water, sunscreen, and good walking shoes. Food & drinks at the site are expensive.
When you arrive, go first to the Pyramid of the Moon.
This Pyramid gives one of the best views! If you go there first, you'll beat the crowds.
Be sure to also visit the Quetzalpapálotl Palace and Teotihuacan's museum.
Before you leave, climb the Pyramid of the Sun!
For planning, budget 1 hour each way for traveling to Teotihuacan.
And you'll spend between 3 & 5 hours exploring the site. The site is huge so expect lots of walking!
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