How To Work Remotely (Without Paying Rent)
Being a full-time remote worker or digital nomad is a dream for many, and far more achievable than you may think.
One easy first step is to become a full-time housesitter, moving from home to home and looking after pets as you go.
The problem with remote work is money. Having the capital to work independently and still pay rent is impossible for many of us.
Choosing to become a house-sitter means you can travel permanently, work independently, and avoid paying any rent or bills.
Your only expenses are food and travel.
You still need to pay for transport between houses (and they may be a flight away), but a flight a month is cheaper than rent.
You can spend January looking after a dog in Portland OR, and be in London or Berlin by March, spending the spring with a houseful of cats.
You are responsible for the house and the pets, but you never have to pay for a thing.
Now, you're a full-time nomad with pets for company, moving from country to country, city to city, and not paying a penny in rent or bills.
To find out more, read our full article at Nomad Finance and Freedom.
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