Hoya Compacta Carnosa, more commonly known as the Hindu Rope plant, are native to Eastern Asia.
What you'll need
Terracotta Pot
Hoya Carnosa
Well Draining Potting Mix
Hoya Compacta enjoy very bright light for most of the day. These two sit in a south facing window.
Terracotta pots are best for this plant because they dry out soil faster than plastic pots.
Also keep your Hindu Rope in smaller sized pots. They like to be root bound.
Soil should be rich but also fast draining. I've added pebbles to the bottom to help dry it out.
Use 1/4 tsp of fertilizer in 1 gallon of water once a month to fertilize in the summer.
Water when the leaves become wrinkly or when the soil has completely dried out.
When you do water, drench the whole pot but allow excess water to drain out from the bottom.
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