I Visited 13 European Countries Under £500! Here’s How:
I was flying out from London, and chose countries offering the cheapest routes. From there onwards, I mapped out buses and car pool rides such as...
...Blabla cars. A one way flight to Paris booked six months in advance cost me just £9! Travelling off-season also made museums & attractions cheaper.
Make sure to always be incognito while booking flights, & make use of flight compare websites to find the best possible rates for your first journey.
I was a serial hostel booker as a broke student, & was able to save tons of money. Eastern European countries charge as low as £4 per night in a dorm!
This was my beautiful walk plus view from Budapest’s Maverick City Lodge Hostel. Every night was a pub crawl and a chance for people to meet!
Besides hostels, consider homestays & couch surfing for an authentic local experience, as well as housesits and petsits to save money for travelling.
There are many websites that also ask travellers to help out with housework, farming & labour work, in exchange for free housing & food! Not bad, eh?
Travel isn’t complete without authentic local food. Did you know that most eateries dispose fresh food at night before closing? They are more than...
...happy to offer untouched leftovers to hungry visitors. I was given free pizzas every day in Rome. Buffets do the same, offering food at low prices.
When it comes to sightseeing, websites such as Fever and Eventbrite offer multiple tours to museums and tourist attractions completely for free.
Tours booked in advance also cost cheaper. Most European countries offer pay-as-you-please/free walking tours, such as this one in Ljubljana,Slovenia.
Just Google “free things to do...” for a city and viola! Discounted tickets are also available for students, under-30, seniors and couples.
For inter-city travel, choose walking over public transport. Almost all European countries are pedestrian friendly. For far-off attractions, search...
...for discounted tickets and cheaper bus routes. Avoid taxis as they tend to rip tourists off! Bike hire companies such as Lime are also great...
...for exploring, since they charge on a daily or hourly basis. For inter-continent travels, look for cheap bus routes for Flixbus, Megabus...
...and Eurolines. I travelled from Hungary to the Czech Republic on a student ticket of €4 one way! A regular ticket cost €8.50. Similarly, Megabus...
...tickets cost as low as £1 for a single journey. I’ve travelled to Bath, Bristol, Bournemouth & Portsmouth for £1 on a comfortable Megabus journey.
So, it’s very easy to travel across Europe on a broke budget! All you need is proper planning and accurate research. Don’t wait last minute! 😊
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